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Mind Craft School Holiday Workshops


Image of Mind Craft School Holiday Workshops

We have such fantastic feedback from our Mind Craft After School Classes - so we thought it would be great to pop some half day workshops in to our School Holiday time table :D

During the Mind Craft workshop, kids will engage in Yoga, fun creative projects and mindfulness meditations and activities. The workshops have a therapeutic nature to them, and the kids really love the calming environment.

Here's some recent feedback on our term Mind Craft program
"She is absolutely loving her classes with Eliza. She definitely has improved for being so emotional on the 1st day to not wanting to leave when I pick her, which is just awesome!!"

Mind Craft Workshops run in our Ground Floor Group Room and there is a maximum of 6 students per each workshop. The content is most suited to children age 6-9 years.

Workshop dates as follows:

Wednesday 5th July 9:30-12:30
Thursday 13th July 9:30-12:30

When booking, please email info@freerangeliving.co to provide details of the student's name, age and a mobile contact number.